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14th Pacific Poultry Meeting


The 14th Pacific Poultry Convention was organized by the Poultry Farmers National Federation; it took place at the Valle del Pacifico Convention Center in Cali, Colombia from the 16th to the 17th of June. More than 500 people between producers and industry representatives attended the event, which aimed to strengthen and establish new business connections, update the audience about the industry´s latest technology and inform about current issues that are or will impact the poultry industry.

Carval has attended this event since 2002 and this year was not an exception. Carval was present with more than 20 people between employees and customers. One of them was Dr. Oscar Robin, Scientific Director of Animed. He graduated from Universidad Nacional with a Masters in Immunology- Virology. Dr. Robin updated the audience about the evolution of the New Castle virus disease.

For the 14th Pacific Poultry Convention, Carval sponsored Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez, another of the 9 speakers that hosted the event. Dr. Rodriguez graduated from the University of Caldas as M.V.Z. He is also an MCS in Avian Immunology from the Javeriana University and has a PhD in Avian Immunology from University of Prince Edward Island; where he currently teaches Avian Veterinary Immunology and Avian Diseases. Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez gave a conference about the importance on how a healthy immune system in birds and a control of diseases impacts birds’ production performance.

Dr. Juan Carlos Orrego, the unit manager of the poultry business at Carval also attended the event. He sustained that Carval is committed with the industry and its customers: “We support all events organized by Fenavi at the national level, since these events are important for the development of the Colombian Poultry Industry. We Sponsors world-class speakers that, with their knowledge, contribute to the prevention and control of avian diseases. We are allies of the industry, by creating value and being committed to our customers’ results.

Attending to the Poultry Farmers National Federation events is an excellent choice to update about the industry development and to prepare for the future industry challenges.

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