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About Us

Carval is an organization committed to the welfare of living beings. We offer our stakeholders efficient solutions through innovation and excellent service. Since the early stages of the agricultural and animal protein chain production, our products and services aim to contribute to human nutrition, food security and environmental sustainability. Our company also promotes the welfare of pets and their families by generating innovative solutions and meeting the current necessities of this segment. For almost 60 years we have been on a constant transformation, encouraging process excellence and providing the best service to our clients. Our goal is to be the strongest ally of our stakeholders, creating value through the entire chain, allowing us to build an outstanding organization. We look forward not only to positively impact the market in which we participate, but also to contribute to the social and economic development we are part of.

 Grupo Carval - Producción de proteína animal y agrícola

Grupo Carval companies want to contribute to humanity and to the welfare of living beings by offering commercial operations in several fields: veterinary and agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, direct sales, orthopedics, and commercialization. Thanks to the outstanding performance on commercial operations, Grupo Carval is currently known for the high quality of its products, its teamwork oriented to innovation, and the excellent service provided to its clients. Carval is committed to the principles of economic and environmental sustainability in the countries where it operates, always acting in an ethical and responsible manner.

We are Carval

Our Mission

Through mechanisms that guarantee productivity, we ensure the well-being of every living being, focusing on food safety and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

To be the number one ally of our interest groups, using innovation to satisfy their needs.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Excellency
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Respet

Production Plants

Farma VET

Cali, Colombia

Nutraceutical Plant

Cali, Colombia

Pets Nutrition

Cali, Colombia

Carval is a multinational company with consolidated presence throughout Latin America. We have subsidiaries in seven countries and we distribute our products through strategic partnerships in another eight countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“In a sustainable world, the companies that will thrive will be those that are able to overcome their competitors by giving greater importance to all of their interest groups, not just clients and employees but also to environmental improvement” (Ulla, 2003).
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Our Commitment

At Carval we are committed to: achieving a top level service, satisfying our clients, developing new products, complying with the current legislation and encouraging the continuous improvement of processes and human talent of our team members.
In 2014 Carval was appointed by the Great Place to Work Institute, as one of the greater companies to work in Colombia, claiming the 5th place and climbing 8 positions since 2012. In 2015 it was listed as the 10th best company to work in Latin America.

Our People

Producción de proteína animal y agrícola - Carval
Carval is a brand built over fundamental values that have guided us through the company’s entire life and that continue to do so. Our values have shaped our culture and strengthened our reputation, seeking to contribute to sustainability and the well-being of every living being, through the provision of a top level service, innovation and quality of our products. All of that is also possible thanks to the constant development of our staff.