About us

We are a laboratory that offers comprehensive Diagnostics and Scientific Research services, for the poultry and pig farming sectors, with the support of an interdisciplinary group of professionals and latest technology. We lean on our Quality Management System in order to provide highly reliable and reproducible results. We are registered by a governmental entity as a Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory.

Animed's Vision

We are to be an accredited laboratory and an international role model for the avian and porcine health sectors, in the areas of diagnosis and research.

Animed's Services

Through the use of the latest technology, we provide Diagnostic Services for viral and bacterial diseases in birds and pig. We also offer technical support for our clients.


St Judes Hospital - Laboratorios Animed

We are working with ST Jude Children´s Hospital on an international project. During the second semester we started the expansion of the laboratory for the department of Molecular Sequencing.