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Carlos Vallecilla B, winner of the EY Entrepreneur Prize, Colombia 2014


Colombia May 29 2014 – The upcoming election of the EY World of The YearTM Entrepreneur will be held in Monte Carlo, Monaco between the 4th and 7th of June. There, the EY Entrepreneur Prize will be awarded to one of the 60 most important entrepreneurs from around the world, amongst whom there is a man from Valle de Cauca that has left a mark on the history of the region and the country.

We are referring to Carlos Vallecilla Borrero, Master Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, who was chosen among 50 Colombians to represent the country in one of the most prestigious and recognized world contests, because of their top level participants, the EY Entrepreneur Prize.

Those who arrive to Monte Carlo are amongst the best entrepreneurs of the world, chosen through a contest by a very prestigious jury selected by EY, and must prove that their efforts had a positive impact in the development of the local, regional and even worldwide economy as well as generated positive changes and transformations, in order to be nominated for the EY Entrepreneur Prize.

CCarlos Vallencilla is the founder and president of the Carval Group and one of the few men in the country that was able to consolidate a business holding with presence in 17 countries, create more than 2.300 direct jobs and 9.000 indirect ones and be the leader of transcendent organizations that work to improve life quality through a variety of industries such as: Carval (Animal health and nutrition and Agricultural productivity), Laboratorios La Sante (Medicine for humans), Procoval (Consumer goods), Sembro (Agricultural productivity), Bioart (Specialized medical supplies), and La Sante Vital (Natural products).

Also, it’s important to mention that in Monaco, during the EY Entrepreneur Prize, the leaders meet up around an academic agenda in order to be able to work with those who have developed successful programs as a way of collective development.

Vallecilla Borrero, a portrait of talent, creativity and above all, persistency, competes for the EY Entrepreneur Prize with other entrepreneurs from countries that are considered icons of corporate prosperity and as one of 5 Latino representatives, which shows the efforts made by Colombian entrepreneurs and how far they have gotten.

EY Entrepreneur Prize

The EY World of The Year™ Prize is given to an entrepreneur chosen by a jury of 10 global leaders amongst who there are: Rebecca MacDonald, from Canada, Executive Chair, Just Energy Group Inc. EY Entrepreneur in 2003; Chieko Aoki, from Brasil, President of Blue Tree Hotels; EY Entrepreneur in 2011; Mikael Hed, from Finland, Chief Executive of Rovio Entertainment Ltd.; EY Entrepreneur in 2001; Dr. Tetsuya Lizuka, from Japan, Founder and President of the Board of Director of THine Electronics Inc.; Kay Koplvits, from the United States, founder of USA Network y President of Koplovitz & Company, President and Co-founder of Springboard Enterprises; Ulyses Kyrlacopoulos, from Greece, President of S&B Industrial Minerals SA; Denis O’Brien, from Ireland, President of Digicel Group and EY Entrepreneur in 1998; Tan Sri LiewKee Sin, from Malaysia. President of Battersea Project Holding Company Ltd y EY Entrepreneur in 2011; Ashish Thakkar, from Uganda, Founder of the Mara Group; and Michael Wu, from China, President and Director of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group y EY Entrepreneur in 2012.

Carlos Vallecilla Borrero, is without a shadow of a doubt a personality that, during the first week of June in the EY Entrepreneur Prize, will raise up the Colombian flag along with his’ success formula “Faith and persistency. Anything can be accomplished no matter the difficulties. One has to feel able to fulfill one’s dreams, and that is always possible if one is surrounded by committed and passionate people. That has been my life during the 70 years I have spent working, and that is the legacy I want to leave to my family and collaborators.”

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