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International Production and Processing Expo 2015


From the 27th and up to the 29th of January the IPPE-International Production and Processing Expo-took place in Atlanta. This is one of the most important international exhibitions for meat production and processing, in which the leader companies that form such productive chain where gathered.

This year, the International Production and Processing Expo experienced an assistance record, with the participation of over 30.300 people from all over the world as well as with over 1.300 exhibitors, turning into one of the 50 biggest and most important exhibitions in the United States.

CARVAL at the International Production and Processing Expo

Over the last 12 years, CARVAL has taken part in the International Production and Processing Expo achieving a high impact presence and representing the qualities of the company- innovation, trust and service- through a commercial exhibition where it meets with clients from around the world and people potentially interested in stablishing partnerships with Carval thanks to its market positioning.

Taking advantage of the importance of the Production and Processing Expo and the participation of Carval’s subsidiaries and international distributors, the Premix Business launched its new portfolio of Carval granulated products, along with its market positioning strategy, at a private event hosted in the Marriott Marquis Hotel on the 26th of January. The commercial strategy and the technical concept of the CARVAL GRANULATED Products were presented at such event.

Having had a great performance this year, CARVAL is getting ready to amaze at the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo, hoping to go beyond any expectations and reflect the successful path that it has gone through, taking into account that it is the company’s 60th anniversary.

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